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Featured Story

We love creating stories, and we love sharing them with our family and friends. As we work towards creating our 2019 publications, we’d like to give you all a sneak peek at some of our creations. Here’s our favourite story for this week!

The Adventures of Banana the Squirrel

By The Campfire Club

Ages 3 - 5

Sunday 28th April 2019


Once upon a time there was a squirrel called Banana. Suddenly Egg the bear hit her with a snowball.

Banana screamed “AAAAAAAHHHHHH!”

Along came Emily the mouse who said “Stop!”

But Egg said “No!”

Then Apple the pig came and Apple and Emily sang twinkle twinkle little star to Banana to cheer her up. It worked!

Apple and Emily put on their grumpy faces and told Egg “That’s not nice!”

Egg threw honey at them and ran away.

Banana, Emily and Apple decided they didn’t want to be upset about Egg, so they played together and had lots of fun.

The end.

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