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Literacy projects for ages 3 - 18

Oak Tree Arts


My Summer Adventure

Writing Competition


Free to enter


For ages 8 - 12


Stories must be between 500 and 1500 words.

Closing Date:

Saturday 22nd September


Winners Announced:

Saturday 13th October

Write a story titled

'My Summer Adventure!'


Submit your entries below.



Did you spend your summer out riding bikes with your friends? Or riding dragons through enchanted forests? Maybe you saved the planet from an alien invasion!


You can write in any style you like. It can be a real life experience, or a fantastical adventure.


Whether it's real or imagined, we want to know.

What did you do this summer?


Enter Here!


Winners will recieve:


A certificate


A creative writing goodie bag

(contents still to be confirmed)


Constructive feedback from our judges


Their story published!





About our Book:



Our Judges will select their favourite stories and put them forward to be published!


Each winning story will receive constructive feedback from our team of judges. They will walk you through the publishing process. Taking you and your story through each step, as you move towards seeing your words in print.

Winning stories will be published in our annual book. (name still to be decided.)


Writers and their family and friends will be invited along to join our members at the annual book launch party on the 15th Dec.




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