Oak Tree Arts

Writing Clubs for ages 3 -18

 Have fun. Build confidence. Create stories!

Oak Tree Arts is a community arts business, based in Paisley.

Our aim is to create exciting and engaging projects for ages 3 - 18.

We use creative writing as a tool to support language, literacy and emotional development.

We are working towards becoming a social enterprise.

We focus on having fun, making friends, building confidence and creating stories!


Campfire Club Pilot

We've been testing out our brand new project. A writing club for ages 3-5

Run by Susan, who is a qualified childcare practitioner, specialising in language and literacy development.

Susan has created a writing club, which promotes the early stages of literacy development by fusing creative writing with drama, roleplay and games.

All around our special indoor campfire!

We'll be running a special Mothers Day session on the 31st March. Book your place here.

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